Pavel created a challenge in his Kettlebell Simple & Sinister book. This program involves 100 one-hand swings and 10 get-ups. The 10×10 swings must be completed in 5 minutes, followed by 1 minute of rest and 10×1 get-ups performed in 10 minutes.

The Task

Time Task
5 minutes 10×10 one hand swings every minute on the minute (10 left, 10 right)
1 minute Rest
10 minutes 1 get-up every minute on the minute (alternate left and right every other minute)

The program has two goals that change based on weight, the simple and sinister.

The SIMPLE goal

Get-up Weight Swing Weight
Women 16kg 24kg
Men 32kg 32kg


Get-up Weight Swing Weight
Women 24kg 32kg
Men 48kg 48kg

One-Arm Swing Standards

1. The back is neutral. The neck is slightly extended or neutral on the bottom of the swing.
2. The heels, toes, and the balls of the feet are planted, and the knees track the toes.
3. The working shoulder is packed.
4. The kettlebell handle passes above the knees during the backswing.
5. The working arm is straight at the bottom position.
6. There is no forward knee movement on the upswing.
7. The body forms a straight line at the top of the swing. The hips and knees fully extend; the spine is neutral.
8. The kettlebell forms an extension of the forearm at the top of the swing; the arm is almost straight.
9. Inhale on the way down; forcefully exhale on the way up.
10. The abs and glutes visibly contract at the top of the swing.
11. The kettlebell floats for a second at the top of the swing.

Get-Up Standards

1. Use both hands to lift the kettlebell off the ground to the starting position of the floor press and to return it to the ground at the end of the get-up.
2. The wrist on the kettlebell side is neutral.
3. The elbow on the kettlebell side is locked and the shoulder is packed.
4. The shoulder of the free arm does not shrug up.
5. The heel of the foot on the kettlebell side stays planted during the low sweep, the lunge up to standing, and during the reverse of these actions.
6. The knee touches the deck silently on the descent into the half-kneeling position.
7. The arm holding the kettlebell is vertical or almost vertical.
8. The neck is neutral for the top half of the movement, from the lunge up.
9. In the top position, the knees are locked and the lower back does not hyperextend.
The movement is smooth, without jerky transitions.


To be listed below for achieving the Sinister goal, please send links to your video to

These are the men and women who have achieved the “Sinister” standard from Pavel’s Kettlebell Simple & Sinister program:

Lacie Brandts
Anna Cannington
Roxanne Myers
Mira Gracia
Kate Trusewicz
Stefan Löfström
Sammantha Kouba
Arianna Zaccagnini
Ivan Masperi
Hyun jin Choi
Aldo Alberico

Power to you!