SFB Bodyweight Certification FAQ

What skills are tested?

Skill testing is minimal. If you can pass this one simple strength test, you have mastered the principles of strength and correctly applied the SFB into your own practice. The strength test is: 1 arm, 1 leg push-up for men and the 1 arm push-up for women. More information can be found in the requirements page.

What skills are taught?

  • The Push: one-arm/one-leg pushup, wall supported handstand pushup
  • The Pull: tactical pullup, hanging leg raise, front lever
  • The Squat: pistol

Will I have time to learn the new skills or should I know how to do them in advance?

Like the SFG I, we recommend that all instructor candidates show up with basic proficiency in the advanced SFB skills. These skills will be refined during the course of the 2 day event, but it’s important to have a basic understanding of the skills before we get started.

How long is the certification valid?

The SFB credential is good for two years.

Can I attend without testing?

You may! Many people do. Others forego certain skills testing.

Once certified, are there any other fees?

Once you pass, you are a StrongFirst Instructor for two years and there are no additional fees.

Will I receive a free t-shirt?

At the beginning of the event, all participants receive a free StrongFirst t-shirt. Those who pass at the event receive a free instructor t-shirt.

Are spectators permitted?

They are not.

Can I receive the manual in advance?

The manual can only be received at check-in, to ensure that only those who attend the Certification receive it. Many tell us that the manual, by itself, is worth the cost of admission.

How should I prepare?

SFB is a tough certification. Expect to apply the techniques of tension in practice. Many people have said that the weekend gave them the best ab workout of their lives.

What if I don’t pass?

Many do not pass while at the event. As mentioned before, you will be drinking from a fire hose learning new skills and high tension bodyweight techniques. You will have 6 months after the certification is held to pass the strength test.