SFB Bodyweight Certification Testimonials

Read what have people said about the SFB Instructor Certification

The Ph.D. program of the strength world.

Jason Marshall, Senior SFG, Lubbock, TX

It underpromised and overdelivered in it is presentation, application, instruction and education in strength training. It struck a perfect balance between friendly/professional, fun/educational, and relaxed/structured.

Jimmy Yuan, consultant for Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix, AZ

This certification was amazing. The manner in which the information was presented made every skill easier. Everything clicked after the explanation of the progressions or regressions. The principle-based approach definitely works.

Jorge Amaro, Orlando, FL

Pavel, you have a great certification. I can see you have spent years in the making of its curriculum. This is pure excellence!

Ethan Reeve, Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Performance, Wake Forest University, NC

Just like the cert description said, I felt like I got stronger, must stronger, even just after the first series of drills and progressions.

Jeremy Travis, Personal Trainer, The Woodlands, TX

Most striking was how coherently it flowed from the SFG. I felt like we were simply continuing on from what I had learned there. The cert was in many ways a weekend-long cerebral exercise in how well you grasped the SFG principles. If you understand the principles for moving a kettlebell, bodyweight training is a different problem to solve with the same principles. As someone who doesn’t always have access to gym or equipment, the progressions are useful to help people get very strong with bodyweight alone.

Allan Phillips, Personal Trainer, San Antonio, TX

I am better equipped to answer questions on why we do it the way we do. I have the tools to be able to demonstrate and show why “strength can fix almost anything”. I learned countless drills and methods to help clients get stronger. This certification was one of the most beneficial ones I’ve been to in the sense that the overall principles apply to so many things and reinforce info from other certifications.

Anne Casstevens, trainer, Salt Lake City, UT

This course was absolutely filled with incredible information. The step-by-step progressions for all of the exercises are exactly what Pavel is known for. Truly amazing and inspirational.

John Spezzano, Martial Arts instructor and trainer, Los Angeles, CA